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African Incentive Travel
01.11.17 02:54 AM Comment(s)
As a company, we have hosted many incentives through the decades, but one of the most recent, and stand out events, was when we were given permission for the first time in history, to build a " pop up" temporary luxury tented camp,  in the untouched wilderness areas far away from any roads or infrastructure in the heart of Kruger National Park. 

The tented camp, took our guests back to the time of pioneers and explorers. It took 4 weeks to build this small luxury tented village, on the edge of a jackalberry forest, overlooking a dry riverbed right in the middle of free roaming wildlife. 

50 Staff, 3 environmental scientists (to assess the zero impact requirements set by the national park authorities), an entire anti poaching unit, numerous chefs, senior experienced safari guides and game rangers, entertainment crew, film crew and water purification specialists, formed part of this ground breaking experience for 50 VIP Australian guests.

The guests spent 3 days in absolute tranquility, saw the Big 5 within the first game drive, enjoyed incredible sun-downers, meals set under the stars, and made a huge contribution to anti rhino poaching. The general manager of Kruger National Park, came in as key note speaker, and gave us the full appreciation of what it takes to run a national park the size of a small country, and how the sustainable and inclusive approach to tourism has turned this national park into a case study for the future of conservation on the continent. Our camp put significant funds into this parks efforts for the ongoing efforts to make Kruger a true example of  sustainable tourism conservation on the African continent. 

In summary: If you want your incentive to make a significant impact on both your guests and your host country, then this is how far reaching it can be. Leaving a legacy in the minds and hearts of all concerned!

By Adrian Lange