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We at African Incentive Travel believe in creating the most incredible experiences.

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Tourism That Cares Collection, owns African Incentive Travel, and key staff with a successful track record over 25 years, having hosted incentive groups, multi-national conferences, large conventions and product launch events.
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Our team of experts with broad collective knowledge comes from different industry backgrounds which help round off the process as they each engage to their strengths. Headed up by Adrian Lange, CEO and Monika Marshall, Senior Incentives manager, We have access to contracted event organisers,  celebrity chefs, architects and even specialist MICE/ Tourism lawyers, professors and skilled private jet pilots, famous safari guides and retired members of parliament.
Our team has handled events that are anywhere from eight billionaires on a bespoke 5 star+ safari to 700 delegates from over 190 nations, at a global convention! With key industry relationships and years of experience, we can handle even the most complicated requests.
From chartering large Boeings, luxurious steam trains and superyachts, access to helicopter fleets or a collection of smaller planes, to hiring mothballed warships and access to restricted military areas. We have even engaged the services of a Nobel Peace Prize winner or retired President of a Nation.

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If you are planning a meeting then you have come to the right place. Sales, innovation, training or team building. Contact us today to make sure your meetings are planned to perfection with the very best outcome.


Travel incentives are highly desired rewards. In comparison to cash, travel rewards are experiences that members will remember for a lifetime. Let us organise the very best African Incentive trip for you.


Expert local knowledge ensures that you will have the best conference in Africa. We are dedicated to solving your conference needs. Our services include everything you need to plan, set up and run a conference.


We offer a full spectrum of event services to ensure a wonderful event. As a local expert, we work closely with hand-picked suppliers to provide innovative and professional services.

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We at African Incentive Travel believe in creating the most incredible experiences.Our extensive understanding of what Africa has to offer gives us the upper hand to create experiences that are out of this world and will never be forgotten.

We believe that incentives can have the power to impact far and beyond just the upfront beneficiaries thereof. Every person you meet, you influence, but the people you bless will leave, not only touched by your life but inspired. That is what we aim to do.

Contact an African Incentive Travel expert today!

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Contact an African Incentive Travel expert today!

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what we offer


Fights can be commercial or private. We prefer booking all the local flights. In this way, we can have complete control of the logistics.


Transport is not just getting your guests from point A to point B. Let’s make it an experience rather than just a transfer.


Every day has a function and we treat every day as a very special project.


Venue selection is key and choosing the correct venue is super important. Some of the venues that we have include airplane hangars, private yachts, and desolate landscapes.


When dealing with us you know that you have the very best and most experienced team working on your project.


This is where the creative juices flow. Getting all the ideas on the table and then making a plan of executing the program.


Accommodation that we use is hand-picked to match and exceed your guests’ expectations.


Entertainment is one of those make-or-break ingredients in your program and choosing the best entertainment is part of our specialty.


Everything can sound great but the execution is where it all comes together.


84% of U.S Businesses use non-cash reward systems such as incentive travel.


Tourism in South Africa provides appox. 680 000 jobs.


1 In 23 employed individuals work in the tourism sector.