Why would you consider planning an incentive trip to Southern Africa or East Africa?

African Incentive Travel
05.03.14 08:10 AM Comment(s)
Southern Africa has become a pillar in the worldwide incentive market over the past 2 decades, as companies worldwide learn about its diversity of iconic tourism experiences, from world class safaris, to incredible bucket list destinations like Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Kruger National Park, Serengeti, Masai Mara, Okavango Delta, Namibia desert.

Added to this the fantastic infrastructure that generally allows for top standards in terms of flights, road transportation and first world standards around banking, restaurants, shopping etc

If you then go one step further, from hiring out 5 star trains, unique scenic helicopter flights, building tented safari villages in remote safari areas, setting up world class lighting and AV technology in top of the range venues, bringing in elements of fair trade tourism for companies wanting to leave a legacy, sourcing incredible entertainment and music solutions for gala dinners and working within the framework of international recognised and award winning hotel brands.

Southern and East Africa are unrivalled in their depth of experiences available to the discerning incentive market buyer, and we are well positioned in the market to compete with experiences around the globe, and deliver on the highest level of service , that one would come to expect.

Contrary to some perceptions, the region is not a backwater, a third world offering with third world standards, but rather a very workable, very manageable, very exciting destination to consider.

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